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My Published works


NOTE: Temporarily only eBooks are available. Paperback copies will soon become available.

CUBBBY, a mischievous lion cub, disobeys his mother Liona and gets into trouble by climbing a tree. His fear of getting down causes commotion among all animals, some of whom agrees to help to bring Cubby down but at a price that Liona would not risk to accept for her baby's safety. How in the end Cubby is brought down from the tree? The story is amusingly told and will be loved by the children as a bedtime story.

IMG_0019 (2).JPG
CHAKI AND CHAKO is another interesting bedtime story by Pramod Joshi presented with the interesting characters and colorful illustrations. Chako eats the porridge in Chaki's absent and lies to her that the king's dog ate the porridge. In order to bring the justice, the king uses the power of the magic well to identify and punish the real culprit. This story is magically amusing and teaches children a valuable lesson. Must read to your children.

Paperback and eBook copies are available.

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