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My Upcoming Projects

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Of Love And Hate

Durbar is a historical romance fiction set during the era of the British Raj. During 1911, a formal event called Durbar, was organized to mark the succession of the British King George V and the Queen Mary as the Emperor and Empress of India. The love of the Indian British officer, Mani, and a female officer, Jenny, suffers oppositions, segregation, turmoil and a power of greed as if the fate was against them to force both to separate. Does this true love of Mani and Jenny had any chance of uniting? This powerful story is filled with superb characters, conflicts, plots, and adventure.


Cubby Goes Shopping

I will have an upcoming sequel to my children story CUBBY. Cubby really knows how to get into trouble! He is forced by his mother, Liona  to accompany him to a grocery store. He wonders away from Liona resulting in a commotion inside the store. Despite having the helping staff to find Cubby, Liona is left in a state of panic. How is Cubby found? That's the interesting part! Pramod Joshi has created interesting characters and scenarios to carry forward the story. A must bedtime story for the children.

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