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My Upcoming Projects

Writer's desk representing the writer working.
Durbar. The ceremony during King George's visit to India.
Couple in love. There is a romance besides depression in Kuldhara.


Of Love And Hate

Durbar is a historical romance fiction set during the era of the British Raj. During 1911, a formal event called Durbar, was organized to mark the succession of the British King George V and the Queen Mary as the Emperor and Empress of India. The love of the Indian British officer, Mani, and a female officer, Jenny, suffers oppositions, segregation, turmoil and a power of greed as if the fate was against them to force both to separate. Does this true love of Mani and Jenny had any chance of uniting? This powerful story is filled with superb characters, conflicts, plots, and adventure.


Cubby Goes Shopping

I will have an upcoming sequel to my children story CUBBY. Cubby really knows how to get into trouble! He is forced by his mother, Liona  to accompany him to a grocery store. He wonders away from Liona resulting in a commotion inside the store. Despite having the helping staff to find Cubby, Liona is left in a state of panic. How is Cubby found? That's the interesting part! Pramod Joshi has created interesting characters and scenarios to carry forward the story. A must bedtime story for the children.

Lion cub looking cute.

The Sword Of Succession
A suspense fiction of romance, power, and struggle

Rajput sword used in wars.

A 16th century story set in India when the country was rules by countless monarchs, kings and emperors, whose purpose was to defeat other monarch to expand their kingdom. Jaswant Singh, a brave warrior emperor, goes through a treacherous plot initiated by his second queen (Sunderibai) to put his first queen (Laxmibai) and her son Baldev) into exile. Does the mother and son survive the constant threat of death from Pratap, a brother of Sunderibai? The sword of succession becomes the symbol of love and courage bringing justice to Laxmibai and Baldev. A must read story.

Tiger representing the scariness of the jungle.
A true story

Despaired Glory is an adventure true story of three Indian youths who were the first Asians to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 1952. This was the era when a few mountaineers had successfully climbed to the top, and many had failed to succeed. Then Kilimanjaro was totally covered with snow making the climb treacherous and difficult. Out of these three youths, two were successful and the one, having the altitude sickness, had to retreat, and while descending he got lost in the forest. This story is an account of the success of the two and the survival of the one. Normally the success follows celebration, but here everyone were worried and looking for the one who had been lost for five days in a very precarious situation. One of the climber was the author's elder brother (Mahendra) who had given a full account of their despaired expedition.

Kilimanjaro looking from Moshi town.
05                                             THE DUNES OF KULDHARA          
Kuldhara and the ruins.

Present day village of Kuldhara

Kuldhara was once a thriving town near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India. When I visited Kuldhara, now derelict and abandoned, I felt like writing a story of this town's demise. History states that Kuldhara was abandoned during one night by every residence with unified decision to protect their dignity from a sinister Chief Minister whose ferocious treatment on the residents, and his forceful act of deciding to marry a thirteen year old girl, compelling the residents to leave their town, home, and every possessions. The real account of the incident  was not available; hence, I have written this story as a fiction with the character's name changed and the storyline changed to some extent. I hope you like it.

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